Asset and project finance 

One of the key requirements of business is the procurement of capital to fund projects, and to acquire those assets that the business needs to move forward to grow the book. Retail banks often do not understand the pressing needs of medium sized businesses, especially when business cash flows and other factors do not meet the bank’s stringent lending and credit criteria.

At GKA Capital, we understand the financing pressures that entrepreneurs face. We have therefore aligned our practice with financial institutions that are willing to take on more risk than the conventional 'rule-by-the-book' banks.

Contact us if you have any of these specific financing requirements:



We can arrange asset finance for virtually any asset that your business requires.

We will sign an NDA with you and assist you in drafting a finance memorandum that we will take to lending institutions that we have relationships with.



When you secure work and do not have adequate funding to start or complete this work, contact us. Often, the way your application is presented to financial institutions can determine whether a company gets the finance or not.

We will sign an NDA with you and will require the details of the project you need to finance. We will draft an information memorandum to present to lending institutions that we have relationships with.


As dealmakers, we understand the financial principles to fund the buying of a business. 

We will sign an NDA and draft an information memorandum for your transaction in order to present it factually in the best possible way to obtain the funding for your transaction.


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